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What's Happening


In the fall of 2009, I received notification from Tina Moore, President of the Pastel Society of the West Coast (PSWC), that after being juried into three consecutive Pastel USA shows, I am now a Signature Member. I am delighted and consider this a wonderful honor


Winter seems to be over at last and though even I find it hard to believe, I just may miss it! Itís been an unbelievably productive season and Iíve learned a lot about the winter landscape this year. On second thought, itís 67ļ and the sun is shining, the snowbells are blooming and Iím anxious to get outside and paint!

I have been taking long rides and find myself repeatedly drawn to water. Brooks and creeks have been rushing and bubbling along due to lots of rain and snowmelt. Creek beds have been washed so clean that underlying stones
literally sparkle! After a recent ride, with camera, pastels and notebook, I returned to my studio and began a series of paintings Iím calling ďGilded WaterĒ. I am in the process of completing the 3rd piece in the series. ( When I feel Iíve completed the series, Iíll ask my webmaster Mitch, , to add them to my website). Iím doing some experimenting with acrylic underpainting and itís been very satisfying and, I think, successful. Iíd like to suggest that if youíre a working artist who tends to paint 5 or 6 similar subjects, one after the other, to title them as a series. Titling a series is a great way to keep you on track and a reminder of what the core theme is that you want to express.
Happy Spring!!

Gilded Water# 1

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